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Holly Naumcheff, Nordstrom Relocation says

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December 2018

I feel very compelled to share about my experience working with Tanya Hoffman on the purchase of my new Gilbert home. I have worked for a retailor that is known for service  for 20 years and I would say I have very high expectations for good customer service. I also have purchased numerous homes and my mom was a successful relator, so I feel comfortable with the house buying process. With that said, Tanya blew away all my expectations and did an outstanding job representing my family.  She made me feel so comfortable in a very stressful time in my life of relocating from Oregon to Arizona. She took her valuable time to give me the Arizona tour. It was never a problem if I wanted to look in Mesa, Chandler, or Gilbert. She was available to answer questions, not just about the housing market but about my relocation with Cartus. Tanya is a wealth of knowledge for clients that are being relocated by their company. I referred to her as my “whispering angel” because her advice through this process help me tremendously when I was working though some issues with the selling of my house in Oregon. Tanya is genuine and truly cares about her clients. When I was considering a house in Chandler she could tell I was talking myself into “loving” the house. Some of the best salespeople are the ones that say don’t buy this, it’s not the right fit for you, let’s keep looking. Looking back at that house, I’m so glad I didn’t buy it. She had a commitment and a genuine desire to help me find a home that was exactly what I was looking for. I really felt Tanya and I were meant to work together and I can’t thank her enough for her friendship, her guidance, her fantastic negotiating skills, and her professionalism. She does business with integrity and honesty. I would hire Tanya any day to work for my company. I plan to refer others to Tanya in the future and I hope her business thrives. She has been a huge support to me personally and I am forever grateful. Please recognize her as one of your best. You are so lucky to have her on your team! 

Thank you for Tanya! She did an exceptional job in finding my dream house!

 All the best,


Holly Naumcheff, General Manager

Nordstrom Rack, SanTan Villiage







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